Unique Dining Experience at Nobu… and with Nobu

You probably know the name and the eponymous restaurants, now comes a unique opportunity to meet the man himself: in February, Nobu Matsuhisa -the most famous Japanese chef in the world- is flying in to London to host an intimate unique dining experience, where guests will have the chance to see him talk about his cuisine whilst experiencing an innovative tasting menu.

With 23 restaurants to his name -including two in London- and a hord of celebrity clients, Nobu Matsuhisa is undoubtedly the most famous Japanese chef in the world, having drawn upon his classical training at sushi bars in Tokyo and his life abroad in Peru and Argentina to create a new innovative fusion cuisine. Now some lucky few can come and hear Nobu speak in person about the tradition, design and creation of his world class cuisine, whilst enjoying a ten-course tasting menu, which includes such delicacies as Chilean sea bass with truffles and a lobster and shitake salad.

This event will take place for three consecutive evenings on Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 of February in the private dining room at Nobu in Old Park Lane. The focus will be on the very finest in Umami dishes, which translates as “a round savoury taste that prompts the mouth to water with satisfaction”. In classic culture, as cited by The Greek Philosopher Aristotle as early as 350BC, it has long been thought that our sense of taste is comprised of primary tastes -sweet, sour, salt and bitter- However, Umami is recognised as another primary taste by Japanese culture. At £260 per person, discovering this new taste doesn’t come cheap, but for those who can afford it, it should provide a rather unique experience.

To reserve, contact Amir Jati: amirj@noburestaurants.com