Temporary Jewellery Tattoos: 2015 Festival Must-Have

tattoosI don’t like tattoos, which probably puts me in the minority nowadays, when they seem to be every trendsetter’s must-have badge of style, whatever their age. For me, they mostly evoke the mermaid my Corsican grandfather wore on his arm -a remainder of his Army days-, a picture of military machismo with a touch of wrinkles. However, something I absolutely love -maybe a throwback from those transfer sheets’ childhood memories- are temporary jewellery tattoos. They’ve been around for a few years now -with Chanel starting the trend- but they’re multiplying now, with bound to be the accessory of Summer 2015.

Those little beauties here are from Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos, which kindly sent me some samples- duly tried on recently at a party, some worn as bracelets and one other as a headpiece. They’re great for festivals and parties -no risk of loosing them, however tipsy. I’m personally quite fond of the Antique, Grecian inspired transfers, but the tattoos also come in a variety of Aztec, Gipsy, Arabic or Goan designs, amongst others: trendy and versatile enough to suit most styles. They’re non-toxic, safe for all to use, easy and quick to apply -bit of water, 30 seconds top-, waterproof and can last up to five days.


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