The Great Nail Detox: The Japanese Manicure and Pedicure at Nailberry

Located in the heart of Frog Valley, a short walk away from the Lycée Charles de Gaulle and the French Institute, Nailberry is in many ways the quintessential French neighbourhood salon, with a clientele that includes elegant mamans being pampered in between school runs and A-listers like Cathy Guetta, the vivacious wife of star DJ David Guetta. So far, so Gallic, although one of Nailberry’s star treatments is actually the Japanese manicure (and pedicure), a hard-to-find detox treatment that uses only natural products and leave your nails not only shiny like pearls, but also stronger. Pretty impressive…

What is it? Based on ancestral Japanese techniques, this manicure is completely natural. Calfskin is used to help ingredients such as pearl powder, rice milk, vitamins and beeswax penetrate the nail, which it has been filed and the cuticles have been removed.

What does it do? It’s the ideal detox treatment for those who want to give their nails a break from chemicals. It gives a striking -but natural- shine that lasts for two weeks and, when done regularly, turns the nail colour into a lovely pale pink shade. It also helps the nails get stronger, thanks to the reparative qualities of the beeswax.

Where and how much? Nailberry (19 Bute Street SW7, South Kensington) is one of the very rare salons in the UK which offer this treatment. The Japanese manicure costs £30 and the Japanese pedicure £40, and each takes around 45 minutes to one hour.

And for those who still like their colours, Nailberry has just launched its own range of polishes, free of most chemicals usually found in this type of products… n2VkDblZz5E67JaOa3JLywXiu2iX_JtJCGJBV7sCtMc,TkOIZ2Mf6ghkLki3177NzUitNsIqshESfahO4h5x1V4