Märta Larsson: Raw -but Sophisticated- Jewellery that Rocks

I first fall in love with my friend Märta’s jewellery last summer, when I noticed her wearing one of the most extraordinary rings I ever saw: a huge raw amethyst encaged in dainty wired gold. At the time, Märta -a former ballet dancer from Lapland who also composes and sings for her band Streetly Electrix- was contemplating creating her own line. One year on, she has just done that, with the very recent launch of her own eponymous brand, a stunning collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets which combine unpolished, raw stones with delicate silver and gold.

The stones Märta uses might be raw and unpolished, but it doesn’t prevent her creations from being highly sophisticated.

She sources pyrite, calcite, amethyst, black tourmaline, clear quartz and red agate from South Africa, Brazil and Uruguay, and encases them with gold plated brass, silver and gold filled wires, which give them a delicate, feminine edge.

They are all made to order in London and hand crafted by Märta herself, with the added benefit that they are all unique, as no stones are ever completely similar.

Prices start at £98, up to £479, and the range is available at the Nicholas James shop in Hatton Gardens and at www.martalarsson.com.

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