Magnetic Attraction: the Uncoordinated Male-Friendly Lingerie

The days of men fumbling for the tricky bra hook are finally over, thanks to the arrival in the UK of the first magnetic lingerie, launched this week in Selfridges. Created by ultra chic French lingerie brand Dement, it puts an elegant and sexy end to man’s struggle to unclasp the woman of their dreams. Genius…

London men, rejoice! Your time fighting with recalcitrant bra hooks is about to end, thanks to lovely French lingerie brand Dement, brainchild of talented Parisian designer Laetitia Schlumberger. This clever lady has had the idea to replace the traditional -and often tricky- hook and eye by almost invisible magnets placed at the crucial junctures. “While fumbling to unhook a bra strap is a romantic comedy cinematic cliché, it can actually be quite a passion killer, says Helen Attwood, head buyer for Lingerie at Selfridges. This new magnetic lingerie is not just easier to use, but also the biggest innovation in the underwear market for years.” This fresh arrival to the lingerie scene is all the more welcome for the London’s males that -according to Selfridges’ research- 80% of Christmas Eve shoppers are expected to be unorganised men who have left Christmas present buying until the final hour. And what woman doesn’t like a bit of sexy -yet classy (as we can’t emphasize enough)- lingerie? This market is worth £2.59 billion in the UK, with women investing more than ever on luxury labels and sales of the sexiest designs up 50% at Selfridges in 2010 compared to 2009. Last but not least, the clever system enables passionate men to rip off their partner precious (and expensive) lingerie without destroying it- which is obviously an asset. How clever!

The “Charmant” navy bra and briefs set featured here costs £169 and will launch in Selfridges’ this