Stacey Jackson, the Chelsea Mum who Raps with Snoop

With a multimillionaire husband who runs his own private equity fund, four children in private schools and a large family house in one of the most expensive parts of London, Stacey Jackson (42) has all the usual traits of the quintessential Chelsea wife… except for one thing: she might soon become hip hop’s unlikely new star, after recording a single with famous US artist Snoop Dog- the ex convict who went from gangsta rap to super successful collaborations with Katy Perry or David Guetta. Here the Canadian-born yummy mummy and singer talks about her incredible story, from school runs to hip hop diva.

How did you go from being a Chelsea mum to becoming the singing partner of one of the most famous rapper in the world? I have always loved singing and used to do gigs with bands on my free time when I was working in New York as a TV publicist. But when I had my first baby 14 years ago, I stopped working and to put music aside, to concentrate on the kids. Then in 2009, I decided to self finance an album of old Motown tunes called “Upside Down”, with the idea to give all the proceeds to the charity Music for Youth. I raised £20,000 through download sales but then some DJs started playing the songs in clubs, and suddenly three of my singles made it to the charts, with “I am a woman” reaching number 5 last November, which was totally unexpected. I got myself a manager and wrote a song called “Live it up”, which he sent to Snoop in the States. I thought that was a bit mad but Snoop liked it and five days later I was in the plane to Boston to go and record “Live it up” with him.

How was it to work with the infamous ex-gang member and convict, who got denied entrance to the UK by the Home Office between 2007 and 2010 because of his bad behaviour? When we met in Boston, as he was in the middle of a big tour, he was playing my track in the background while dancing to it and saying it could be huge, which was quite incredible: the minute he started rapping on my music, I started to cry! He has a huge personality and he is very much his own person. But if he made enemies in the past, that clearly to me belongs to the past. He is almost 40 now and has children, and when we met, I found him extremely considerate, genuine and respectful- very mellow and not scary at all, despite his image. We talked a lot about our kids and about sports, and he loved my story. He is a also extremely professional and I think his decision to collaborate with someone like me, shows how open minded he can be. I really have nothing but amazing things to say about him.

What do you see the future in terms of career? As my husband says, I always wanted to be a one hit wonder, now I am a three hits wonder- and with Snoop now on board, who knows where it is going? I sometime see myself as a grown up Hannah Montana, but obviously because I started so late, my music career won’t have that much longevity, even if I hope to still be rocking at 80! People are always surprised about this new career, not so much because of the age thing –as there are some other women who are my age or older like Kylie and Madonna who are still working- but because I started so late. But I think my example just goes to show that you might have had kids and be over 40, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to decide later in life to live the dream…

“Live it up” by Stacey Jackson and Snoop Dog  is out on the 1st of June.