Roland Mouret, the French London Designer Beloved by Hollywood

Roland Mouret (51) moved from Paris to London in 1991, where he has become one of the most talented fashion designers around, with a glamorous fan base that includes Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore and Carla Bruni-Sarlozy. The Frenchman reveals to Chic-Londres some of his personality traits.

My main character trait I always say « No » at first.

My worst trait Control freak.

My best quality Control freak.

If I could change something to the way I look I wouldn’t lose my hair.

The quality I appreciate most in a man His feminity.

The quality I appreciate most in a woman Her masculinity.

The quality I value most in my friends Their honesty.

Faults in others that I am most likely to forgive All the ones that I used to have.

My favourite hobby An afternoon nap.

My most beautiful memory My father.

What I wanted to become when I was a child A priest

If I was an animal, I would be A gorilla, because I am surly, I frown a lot and I can come across as intimidating, which I am not.

My favourite books Au Bonheur des Dames by Emile Zola and La disparition by Georges Pérec.

My favourite artists Francis Bacon and the Chapman brothers. In truth, I don’t really have firm favourites, but I like artists who move me.

My favourite actor/ress Meryl Streep.

My favourite films Metropolis by Fritz Lang and Casque d’Or by Jacques Becker.

What I love more than anything The skin

My favourite heroes in fiction Anne Rice’s vampires because I am fascinated by the idea of eternity.

People I admire most in real life No one in particular in the sense that I believe that when you admire someone, it implies that you are expecting something from this peson. I like people for who they are, but I don’t idealise them

My favourite name Elise, which is my mother’s and my great niece’s name.

My most treasured possession My hands, as they allow me to create.

My favourite place My bed

What drives me mad Women who forget to take off the price sticker from the sole of their shoes.

My biggest success so far Having remained true to myself.

My definition of love Forget oneself.

My definition of happiness That everyone would be happy- which is not a very realistic one.

My definition of beauty Imperfect.

How I would like to die Quickly.

How I would like to be remembered Though people buying vintage clothes I created at the Portobello Market.

My current state of mind Enterprising.

My motto Life gives you lemons and it is up to you to make a lemonade.

Roland Mouret’s flagship shop is at 8 Carlos Place W1 (Tube Bond Street)