Nicolas Anelka: the Talented “Enfant Terrible” of Football

The talented French Chelsea footballer is as famous for his brilliant game on the field as he is for his “difficult” reputation, which wasn’t much improved during the last World Cup scandal. However, when the notoriously secretive Nicolas Anelka (33) overcame his usual reserve towards the press to welcome Chic-Londres in his Wimbledon’s home a few months ago, he gave us a very different glimpse of his personality.

My main character trait Simplicity

The trait I most deplore in myself Frankness.

My biggest quality The same.

If I could change something in the way I look I would change my eyes colour and would go from dark to a very light brown.

Faults in others or myself that I am most likely to forgive Lying to spare someone’s feelings.

What I most value in my friends Honesty.

My favourite occupation Watching a National Geographic documentary on lions or crocodiles while lying on my sofa.

My idea of happiness Being healthy, having a healthy family and staying somewhere sunny.

My most beautiful memory The birth of my son Kaïs.

What would be the worst thing that could happen to me (apart from losing loved ones) Being unable to play football.

My dream as a kid Being a footballer from the age of five.

Which animal I would be I would like to be a panther, because they are rare, beautiful and intriguing.

Who or what I love most in the world My family and friends.

My most treasured possession My mobile phone.

My favourite place Dubai, where I have been going on holidays for the past. I like it because of the sun and the many outdoors activities.

What I hate the most The cold.

My biggest success so far My career as a footballer.

My definition of love Wanting to spend the rest of your life with the same person.

My definition of beauty Beauty is much more than just physical features and depends on the light that a person radiates, as well as the expression of her eyes and the way she talks.

What life has taught me That it isn’t always easy, that nothing good happens without efforts and that work brings rewards.

How I would like to die Old.

How I would like to be remembered As a good football player and as a simple and honest person.

My current state of mind Happy (Note: this article was made before the World Cup).

My motto Some of God’s words in the Koran, which basically mean that there is no point in trying to go against His will.

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