Great Mobile Massage Services

There’s no shortage of massage therapists in London. However, like hairdressers, there might be plenty, but it’s sometimes difficult to find the right one: experts in massages that relieve stress but are also really efficient at fighting muscle or joints pain, who present well, are on time and don’t feel compelled to chat the whole time. Chic-Londres has tested some of those mobile services offering massages and lists below its two favourites. Ultimate luxury: no need to go to them, as they will come to your house to dispense their therapy.

Kate Gdowska at In Motion Massage She might have massaged Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz, Simon Cowell, Pamela Anderson and Liza Minnelli, but she’ll still happily come to your place to dispense her special brand of super efficient massages. A trained physiotherapist, she specialises in all kind of massages (shiatsu, pregnancy, thai, aromatherapy…) but I particularly recommend the sport one: in one hour, she succeeded in getting me rid of muscle pains that I had had for several months and that even my osteopath hadn’t managed to improve. Something that people who, like me, like strong efficient massages rather than relaxing back rubs will greatly appreciate…

Sarah Elcome at Amma Therapy If you’re in need of total relaxation, combined with efficiency, Sarah is another great person to contact, having built a following of faithful West London clients since she set up her company in 2008. I tried her therapeutic massage, which was heavenly: based on a very intuitive approach to the client, it combines deep tissue massage -like Kate, she might be slim and girlie but, my God, is she strong!- with scalp massage and reflexology, to ensure that you’re not only left with relaxed muscles, but also feeling more balanced as a whole. She can also provide through her company alternative treatments, as well as pilates and yoga instructors.