Dark Circus Party: Belle Epoque Joins the Dark Side

Fancy a masked ball which is a little bit risqué? Then Dark Circus might appeal to your taste. This new lavish party invites its guests to step over the dark side, with provocative acts provided by Torture Garden, the world’s biggest fetish club, but without becoming completely engulfed in the shadows. A perfect balance between mainstream and niche, for those who might enjoy something fun and a bit different, between Belle Epoque and the Dark Side…

The Concept A collaboration between Bourne & Hollingsworth -purveyors of the Blitz and Prohibition parties- and Torture Garden -the world’s largest fetish club. Mixing the themes of Belle Epoque and Circus -in the vein of Tod Browning’s Hollywood classic Freaks (for the film buffs amongst you), it offers a heady combination of glamour and subversion. Not dissimilar from The Box, the famous New York and London nightclub famous for its provocative acts, the idea behind Dark Circus is to bridge the gap between mainstream and niche, by offering an experience that is surreal and subversive, but without being scary or strange. As a masked ball, it indulges the thrill of disguise with sequins and inventive costumes rather than rubber, latex and chains: very Eyes Wide Shut, but without the sex!

What to expect A lavish Belle Epoque décor -dark, dreamy and slightly depraved- and striking theatrical performances from The Torture Garden, famous for its bizarre but highly sophisticated shows, which have entertained celebs like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Boy George, Courtney Love (it’s also where Ditta von Tease perform her first UK show in 1999). Confirmed acts for the night include Laurie Hagen, winner of the London Cabaret Award for Best Burlesque Act, who will regale guests with her reversed strip tease, as well as contortionists, acrobats and vaudeville artists, with a little bit of freak shows thrown in for good -or rather bad- measure. The music will be eclectic, with a mix of Electro Swing, Circus Burlesque, Kabaret, Ballroom Blitz and Big Top Party Mash-Ups.

The Dress Code Don’t worry, latex and chains are not compulsory! Instead, it’s all about stretching the limits of your imagination, with an emphasis on glamour and a theme that mixes vintage and fantasy with a Dark Circus twist: think ring masters, burlesque showgirls, leopard print leotards, tattooed ladies, sideshow freaks, queens of the flying trapeze, animal masks, clowns, snake charmers, lion tamers, strong men, Venice Carnival, Berlin kabaret, top hat and tails, feathers and corsets, decadent dandies, beautiful ballerinas, ball gowns, dashing vintage suits.

When, Where, How Much Saturday 21st September, 9pm-3am at Bloomsbury Ballroom in Bloomsbury Square (WC1B). Tickets are £20 and available at www.belleepoqueparty.com or by calling 020 7724 1617