Bryan Batt, the Most Flamboyant of All Mad Men

Mad Men aficionados will remember Bryan Batt (52) as Salvatore Romano, the smooth, flamboyant and closeted art director who gets sacked for refusing the advances of a male Lucky Strike executive. But there’s much more to Bryan Batt than his role in the super successful AMC TV series. An actor, author and shop owner, the Broadway veteran, born in New Orleans, is also a renowned stand-up comedian. Ahead of his London production of Tales Of New Orleans, the one-man cabaret show he will perform from Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd of September, he talks to Chic-Londres some of his personality traits.

Bryan Headshot2011-2My defining character traitI’d like to say charm, but I fear its silliness.

The trait I most deplore in myself: Procrastination and insecurity.

The trait I am most proud of in myself: Loyalty.

If I could change something in the way I look: I would like my hair to make up its mind and be either dark or silver…This two-tone stuff is driving me nuts!

The quality I appreciate most in a man: Grace under fire.

The quality I appreciate most in a woman: Grace under fire.

My definition of friendship: To be available 24/7, no questions asked.

My definition of beauty: That inner light that cannot be faked.

Faults in others or myself that I am most likely to forgiveForgetfullness. Oops, it’s starting…What was the question again?

My favourite hobbyInterior and fashion design.

The values I try to live byMy mom was very gracious and cool at the same time. She also possessed a moral compass that was unswerving… So when I have a dilemna or question, I ask myself “What would Gayle Batt do?”

My idea of happinessCreation with comfort.

My most beautiful memoryWhen I met Tom, my husband, 26 years ago, and realised that I would be able to love and get love in return.

My greatest fear: Boredom

What really makes me angry: Injustice and hate.

What I wanted to be when I was a kid: An actor…Or the next Walt Disney.

If I was an animal, I would beI kind of like being the animal that I am, but a pampered pooch wouldn’t be half bad.

My favourite book/film/song: That is NOT a fair question as there are so many! Mmm… To Kill a Mockingbird, It’s a Wonderful Life and Imagine by The Beatles.

Who/what I love most in the worldThe endless well of human kindness.

The person I most admire in real life: Right now, Malala Yousafzai.

My favourite character in a book or film: No hesitation whatsoever, its Auntie Mame.

My most treasured possession: The letter my mother wrote to me, to be read after she died… Just beautiful.

My favourite place: I am in love with our home…I also am in love with the stage!

My biggest achievement so far: Never having been arrested! Just joking. Maybe my Book? My relationship? My friends?

My biggest regret: Not having attended an acting conservatory.

How I would like to dieReally? Shark attack… Just kidding. In my sleep after a great family celebration!

How I would like to be remembered: As a boy who made his dream come true and shared his joy with everyone.

My current state of mind: Happy, but a bit frantic.

My mottoThat which does not kill me, makes me bitter….Or it’s not where you start, its where you finish!

Tales of New Orleans (21-23 September 2015, £25-40) is part of the Bayou Banquet, a two-week festival of food, arts, music and theatre that celebrates the vibrant culture of New Orleans, taking place at The Vaults in Waterloo.