A Rather Chic Christmas Hampers: Annabel’s on a Plate

Fancy a taste of the Annabel’s experience but don’t have a membership? Fear not… Those eager to own a piece of the London’s famous private club -which can claim to be the only one ever visited by the Queen- can now buy into its exclusivity through its very own hamper, launched by The Mount Street Deli. Maybe not as fun as strutting your stuff on its sparkly dance floor, but quite chic nonetheless…

With a price tag of £200, the Annabel’s Christmas hamper is certainly not cheap, but it is luxurious, and will provide a nice gourmet treat or gift for those who can afford it. The selection includes Annabel’s chocolate truffles, Sicilian pistachio biscuits, foie gras de canard, Torroni Baci nougat and panettone, as well as a book explaining and illustrating some of the club’s secrets, with contributions from Lady Annabel Goldsmith and Sir David Tang, and recipes from the club’s chefs, past and present. The Mount Street Deli’s limited collection of hampers also includes The Club at the Ivy’s Christmas hamper, for those more tempted by a taste of the Covent Garden celebrity hangout than by the Berkeley Square aristo nightclub.